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So you’re thinking about buying a kayak, ski or SUP?

Not sure what type to get? Confused by the options available and the feedback you’re getting from sales staff and other paddlers? Do yourself a BIG favour and paddle as many different kayaks/skis as possible before you buy! There is no other way to make an educated choice on which type of craft is for you until you test it out and get on the water.

Don’t be bamboozled by slick sale staff that more than likely do very little or no paddling whatsoever. We have a great range of kayaks/skis for you to try out and we will ensure you don’t buy the wrong thing.

You will become more aware of the paddling industries products and be able to find the craft and accessory that suits you best.  If you do end up buying a kayak/ski from us, we will deduct the hire cost from the price.

If you don’t know where to start – how about a coaching session?  If you have one of these and you decide to buy, we will deduct the cost of the coaching session off the price of your kayak/ski.

So come on down and take a look at our excellent range of skis and kayaks, paddling accessories and safety equipment. We only sell brands and designs that we use every day, so you can rest assure, that everything we sell has been tried and tested.  We have over 20 years paddling experience and if WE wouldn’t paddle it, then we don’t sell it!

At Kayak Noosa you can demo the following skis and kayaks:

Kostal Kayaks
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