Introductory Session

As a first timer on a performance ski/kayak there are some important aspects of craft and paddle set-up that need to be addressed before making your first splash.

Spending some quality 1:1 time with a professional coach will get your started correctly and comfortably and prevent you from developing bad habits early on.

Engaging the correct muscle groupings will promote great core strength and upper body conditioning. So do yourself a favour before getting on the water and sign up for a fun & rewarding Introductory Session with one of our friendly coaches.

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Introduction To SUP or Kayak Paddling - Basic Skills For Beginners


Session 1:
Paddling basic skills intro

  • Equipment orientation
  • Correct craft set-up
  • Paddle stroke technique

Session 2:
Paddling the mini skis

  • Leg length
  • Stability
  • Capsize practice

Session 3:
Paddling plastic kayaks with steering

  • Leg length
  • Steering

One On One Ski Coaching Session

$150 – PER PERSON (includes ski hire) 90mins 1st lesson 60mins 2nd lesson onwards

Aimed at people who want a more intensive coaching session and who want to further develop paddling skills.  The 1:1 ski coaching session is specifically designed for people wanting to learn to paddle a surf ski or kayak with steering.

These sessions offer a fantastic opportunity to grasp the principles and skills of performance paddling in an un-inhibiting atmosphere with a qualified ski coach. Whether you have completed our introductory session or have some basic experience on a ski, this session is designed to progress you to a stage of self-reliance and confidence. By now, you understand the fundamentals of performance paddling and craft management and have a thirst for more.

Our coaches will spend specific time on improving your paddle technique. This 1:1 session allows you plenty of on-water time to correct stroke and leg drive, which assists in good ski rhythm.

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1:1 Coaching Sessions Include:
  • Assess Stroke/Technique
  • Correct, explain & implement technique
  • Transfer of power into the water
  • Improve boat run